Things to Do in Polonezkoy (Top Attractions)

Here you can find our recommendations for activities that you should do when you come to Polonezkoy. You'll find variety of great activities to choose from in Polonezkoy, from...

Polonezkoy... A brand new stairway to heaven inside Istanbul; a privilege, a life style...

Polonezkoy at a glance:

Polonezkoy (meaning “the village of the Poles”), formerly known as Adampol is a Polish village located in Istanbul, Turkey… It was founded by Adam Czartoryski (Chairman of National Uprising Government and the Leader of a Political Emigration Party) in 1842. The existence of “Polonezkoy-Adampol” within Istanbul is a cultural and historical event that has never been seen before in the world. The village was established in Istanbul, Turkey after Poland was invaded by its neighbors Russia, Austria and Prussia in 1775.

Eventually Polonezkoy became a tourist town and a popular weekend break in Istanbul. Nowadays, Polonezkoy is one of the most famous villages in the world. Polonezkoy is a unique village with its success in protecting its green nature and environment around Istanbul… Travelers prefer to spend their weekends at the variety of Polonezkoy’s hotels, clubs, apartments & holiday villas. The restaurants and gardens offer great cuisine and barbecue parties for the visitors.


Polonezkoy is a heavenly place, a unique village with its success in protecting its green nature and environment around Istanbul. Even on the way the village, passing through the forest road, you’ll feel the peaceful environment.


You can start the day with a rich village breakfast or brunch in this heavenly village, then you can enjoy a rest in hammocks or cushions in the beautiful gardens, and then you can continue the day with a nature walk, hike or cycling tour.

Dine and Wine

When you want to take a break, you can have a rest, eat and drink in the pretty cafes and restaurants that offer delicious and different alternatives, have a picnic, barbecue in the gardens, or reward yourself with cakes, donuts and desserts specific to the village during at the tea time.


If you won’t want to go back to Istanbul at the end of the day, you can stay at the variety of pretty hotels and pensions in the village and have a wonderful stay in the nature.

Proffessional Help

Practical Advices

You can start your morning here with a rich village breakfast of home made jams, special village breads, omelets and milk products, in the company of beautiful gardens and tweets of the birds. Hammock moments start after, under the shadows of fruit trees. A great lunch in a luxury restaurant or in a garden barbecue with the delicious meat or chicken menus and home made starters and snacks.

And a coffee-tea break with Polonezkoy’s famous Polish pies in the afternoon… Cherry and nut liquors made in Polish style also worth tasting…

Village Breakfast and Brunch in Polonezkoy

With its unique natural beauties, fresh air, every shade of green, and beautiful gardens, Polonezkoy is one of the most preferred places in Istanbul that come to mind when it comes to breakfast or brunch...

What to Expect:

Cycling and Mountain Biking in Polonezkoy (Cycling Routes, Bike Rentals)

Cycling or biking along the beautiful trails of the village is also one of the best attractions in Polonezkoy. Together with the Nature Park and great cycling trails, Polonezkoy provides a very ideal environment for...

Trekking and Hiking in Polonezkoy Nature Park

Polonezkoy is a unique village with its success in protecting its green nature and environment around Istanbul. As you pass through the roads surrounded with pine trees and green lands, you'll suddenly feel like your...

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