Cafes and restaurants are the most common places in Polonezkoy. You are able to find many high quality and boutique style cafes, restaurants and patisseries housed in pretty places with exciting themes.

Due to the fact that it is an old Polish village, we recommend you taste the local flavors for sure. Most of the gardens, cafes and restaurants are situated in an open area while many of them has indoor areas. You are to find home made recipes in every place.

Luxury restaurants in natural and decent environments are also ideal for all kinds of business meals, meetings and organizations.

Cafe & Restaurants in Polonezkoy

There are many places in Polonezkoy that only serve as cafes, patisseries and restaurants. Below you can find the list and contact information of these venues.

  • Mari’s House Cafe Restaurant, Tel: 0216 432 32 71
  • Karçma Kriha Restaurant, Tel: 0216 432 32 81
  • Leonardo Restaurant, Tel: 0216 432 30 82
  • Polina Cafe & Patisserie, Tel: 0216 432 31 55
  • 1842 Bistro Patisserie & Cafe, Tel: 0535 218 89 75
  • Gülsen Restaurant, Tel: 0216 432 31 62
  • Obora Et Mangal, Tel: 0216 432 32 24
  • Yeji Dohoda Et Mangal, Tel: 0216 432 31 33

We Recommend

Mari’s House Cafe & Restaurant

Mari’s House welcomes its guests in a very nice and authentic environment with its large garden with view, special menus, home cooking, desserts, village breakfast, picnic and meat-barbecue pleasure. It is a boutique place serving without alcohol.

Address: Polonezköy Beykoz Cad. No:8
Tel: 0216 432 32 71

1842 Bistro Patisserie & Cafe

You can enjoy the peace and pleasure of a different environment in 1842 Bistro with its breakfast, dessert and coffee varieties, special recipes.

Address: Polonezköy Meydanı, Beykoz Cad. No:1
Tel: 0535 218 89 75

Synosse Park Hotel

Located in the heart of the village, Synosse Park Hotel offers great accommodations in the nature, and with a restaurant, free private parking, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a bar. Guests can enjoy mountain and pool views from all the units.

Address: Cumhuriyet Cad. Elma Bahçeleri Sitesi A1-A2 D:A3 Blok, Tel: 0216 432 33 33

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Green House Garden Park Hotel

Located about 7.4 km from Polonezkoy, Green House Garden Park Hotel offers a very ideal environment for your weekend holiday with its natural environment, oxygen, oak forest, bungalow houses that will make you and your friends feel at home.

Address: Cumhuriyetköy, Tel: 0216 434 55 33 (Pbx)

You can see the hotel and book online with the best price guarantee below…