The Czestochowa’s Mother Mary Church is one of the most important symbols of Polonezkoy. It is situated in a beautiful garden right at the entrance of the village.

When we look at the history of the church, we see that the first small church named Temple of Holy Anna was built here by the Saint François Bosniak Monks in 1845-1846.

Later on, the wooden church, which was established here in 1869, was destroyed in the earthquake and instead of today’s Czestochova Mother Mary Church (Częstochowa’s Mother Mary Church) was built in 1914.

The Turkish Army used the church as headquarters during the First World War. Later on, the church was restored in 1918.

The church has a very beautiful garden. It is a place in peaceful and natural beauties.

The church also hosts various festivals, music recitals and organizations held throughout the year.