Eating out in Polonezkoy is fantastic. The village is famous for its gastronomy, homemade food, pastries, pies, cafes, restaurants and patisseries. You’ll find variety of great dining and wining places the village. Every corner is kind of a dining place arranged in different culture and themes.

Due to the fact that it is an old Polish village, we recommend you taste the local flavors for sure. Most of the gardens, cafes and restaurants are situated in an open area while many of them has indoor areas. You are to find home made recipes in every place.

Luxury restaurants in natural and decent environments are also ideal for all kinds of business meals, meetings and organizations.

You can start your morning with a rich village breakfast with homemade jams, warm village bread, village eggs, natural dairy products and extensive menu in the paradise gardens accompanied by flowers and birds’ chirps.

Afterwards, you can enjoy hammocks under the fruit trees. Then a meat-barbecue or lunch with homemade appetizers and delicious meat or chicken menus.

Tea or coffee time is very popular with the village famous homemade Polonez cake, a famous Polish pie. Sour cherry and walnut liqueurs are also worth tasting.

Cherry is also a popular product of the village. Don’t forget to taste and buy cherries when you visit the village during early June.

Cafes & Restaurants

Cafes and restaurants are the most common places in Polonezkoy. You are able to find many high quality and boutique style cafes, restaurants and patisseries housed in pretty places with exciting themes.

You can taste the countless home-made dishes, local delicacies, pastries and desserts, which are created by blending Polish gastronomic heritage and Turkish cuisine. We also recommend you not leave the village without tasting the unique Polonez cake with a coffee or tea. Continue reading…

Village Breakfast & Brunch

Polonezkoy is one of the most preferred places in Istanbul that come to mind when it comes to breakfast or brunch in a beautiful place in Istanbul, especially at the weekends.

You’ll find many places that offer village breakfast and brunch. You can try the delicious breakfast and brunch menus at the restaurants that serve as restaurants and cafes only, as well as at the restaurants of the several hotels and pensions, and refresh yourself in the nature during the boring city life. Continue reading…

Picnics & Barbecue

Most of those who visit Polonezkoy on weekends come to the village especially for picnics, barbecue and self-catering activity in a lush natural environment.

You are able to find many places in the village that offer picnic and barbecue facilities in the  beautiful gardens, however, there are also many place in the vicinity of the village. Continue reading…