The easiest and comfortable option for getting to Polonezkoy is; using the new Riva highway after the Kavacik turn of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. After the Kavacik turn, go straight ahead along the new highway, and you will see Polonezkoy signs on the way.

Follow the signs and you will easily get to Polonezkoy after a 13-14 kilometers of way. You will see lots of signs on your way.

Second option along the TEM highway is; Exit from TEM’s “Umraniye/Sarigazi” turn. After passing Carrefour and getting to Kocatepe Cemetery, take the Cavusbasi direction from the upper passage on the right.

Following the signs, you may get to Polonezkoy in 15 minutes.

Third option via Beykoz is; Through Beykoz to Toygar, and then to Mahmut Sevket Pasa, and then heading south through Ucpinarlar you may get to Polonezkoy.