Most of those who visit Polonezkoy on weekends come to the village especially for picnics, barbecue and self-catering activity in a lush natural environment.

You are able to find many places in the village that offer picnic and barbecue facilities in the  beautiful gardens, however, there are also many place in the vicinity of the village.

In addition, there are also wide range of gardens and places for picnics and barbecue that offer quality service in the vicinity of the village, from Cumhuriteykoy to Bozhane, Ayazma villages through Riva.

Picnic & Barbecue Places in Polonezkoy

  • Mari’s House Cafe Restaurant, Tel: 0216 432 32 71
  • Obora Barbecue, Tel: 0216 432 32 24
  • Yeji Dohoda Barbecue, Tel: 0216 432 31 33

We Recommend

Mari’s House Cafe & Restaurant

Mari’s House welcomes its guests in a very nice and authentic environment with its large garden with view, special menus, home cooking, desserts, village breakfast, picnic and meat-barbecue pleasure. It is a boutique place serving without alcohol.

Address: Polonezköy Beykoz Cad. No:8
Tel: 0216 432 32 71

Green House Garden Picnic

Located about 5,8 km. from Polonezkoy, Green House Garden Picnic is a lively place that you can have a picnic and barbecue in a beautiful environment, taste delicious food and drinks, and do various sports activities.

Adres: on the Polonezkoy – Cumhuriyetkoy road
Tel: 0216 434 61 00

Güzelvadi Restaurant – Barbecue

Located about 5,8 km. from Polonezkoy, by the Riva river, the Guzelvadi Restaurant offers great activities for picnic and barbecue lovers in its beautiful environment. You can taste wide range of food from meat and chicken barbecue to variety of great mezes.

Adres: Bozhane region, on the Riva road
Tel: 0 537 594 70 63 – 0 532 270 81 07