There are not many shopping opportunities in Polonezkoy. You’ll find a few shops and stalls selling souvenirs, especially local and textile products, on the village square, which is frequented visited with the guests of the village especially on the weekends.

The textile products, ornaments and clothes symbolizing the village’s historical heritage and the people of Poland are quite remarkable and popular.

The two most popular and known products of Polonezkoy are honey and cherry.

The Apiculture Museum located in the village square is a popular place to experience the beekeeping process and buy village’s honey and bee products, such as pollen, royal jelly, propolis and wax.

Cherry season begins in early June. If you visit Polonezkoy at this time, we recommend you not to leave the village without buying the delicious cherries.

The Glass Art Center located on the road from the village square is also another popular place in the village that you can both participate in the glass workshops and buy beautiful glass bead products. You can buy gift glass products here.

Again, especially in the spring and summer times, while arriving to the village, or on the road leading to Cumhuriyetkoy through Riva, you’ll see the stalls of the village people who sell seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. These are also worth a stop by.