You’ll find variety of great activities to choose from in Polonezkoy, from an exciting weekend breaks, day trips, to nature walking, cycling, picnics, barbecue, dinners in luxurious and quality restaurants, weddings and various parties.

What to Do in Polonezkoy?

You can start the day with a rich village breakfast or brunch in this heavenly village, then you can enjoy a rest in hammocks or cushions in the beautiful gardens, and then you can continue the day with a nature walk, hike or cycling tour.

When you want to take a break, you can have a rest, eat and drink in the pretty cafes and restaurants that offer delicious and different alternatives, have a picnic, barbecue in the gardens, or reward yourself with cakes, donuts and desserts specific to the village during at the tea time.

For leisure visits during the day, you you can visit the famous the House of the Memory of Zofia Ryży, where you’ll witness the village’s history and the old , visit the historical Czestochowa’s Mother Mary Church, the Polish Cemetery, the culture house or the open air wooden arts exhibition.

You can also visit the village shops selling souvenirs.

If you won’t want to go back to Istanbul at the end of the day, you can stay at the variety of pretty hotels and pensions in the village and have a wonderful stay in the nature.

Village Breakfast & Brunch

Polonezkoy is one of the most preferred places in Istanbul that come to mind when it comes to breakfast or brunch in a beautiful place in Istanbul, especially at the weekends.

You’ll find many places that offer village breakfast and brunch. You can try the delicious breakfast and brunch menus at the restaurants that serve as restaurants and cafes only, as well as at the restaurants of the several hotels and pensions, and refresh yourself in the nature during the boring city life. Continue reading…

Nature Walking & Hiking

Polonezkoy and its Nature Park is one of the rare places that remain green in Istanbul, and the village provides a very ideal environment for nature lovers with its clean air, nature that contains all shades of green.

You can do a great outdoor sports activity in nature by hiking or nature walking along the pretty roads and the pathways of the village, and along the 5-kilometer walking track. Continue reading…

Cycling Tour

Cycling or biking along the beautiful trails of the village is also one of the best attractions in Polonezkoy.

You can rent a bike at the village square and have a great day out on bike, along the impressive pathways and forest trails. Continue reading…

Dine & Wine at the Cafes & Restaurants

Cafes and restaurants are the most common places in Polonezkoy. You are able to find many high quality and boutique style cafes, restaurants and patisseries housed in pretty places with exciting themes.

You can taste the countless home-made dishes, local delicacies, pastries and desserts, which are created by blending Polish gastronomic heritage and Turkish cuisine. We also recommend you not leave the village without tasting the unique Polonez cake with a coffee or tea. Continue reading…

Picnics & Barbecue

Most of those who visit Polonezkoy on weekends come to the village especially for picnics, barbecue and self-catering activity in a lush natural environment.

You are able to find many places in the village that offer picnic and barbecue facilities in the  beautiful gardens, however, there are also many place in the vicinity of the village. Continue reading…

Apiculture Museum & Glass Art Center

The Apiculture Museum located in the village square is a popular place to experience the beekeeping process and buy village’s honey and bee products, such as pollen, royal jelly, propolis and wax.

The Glass Art Center located on the road from the village square is also a popular place that you can both participate in the glass workshops and buy beautiful glass bead products.


The accommodation opportunities in Polonezkoy are very diverse. You are able to find many large facilities, boutique places and small villas that serve as club hotels, boutique hotels or pensions.

You can enjoy the village’s beautiful nature and peaceful environment for all year round in these places that offer quality service and have a nice weekend break in Istanbul. In addition, there are also a few hotels that offer quality service in the vicinity of the village.

English Summer School & Camp

The English summer school and camp is held in Polonezkoy every year between June-July. The program is organized by the English Language and Culture Project (ELACP), a London, UK based company.

The English summer school and camp program combines English Language classes with Drama lessons, recreational activities, challenges, competitions, entertainment and excursions for full immersion learning. Continue reading…