Polonezkoy is a unique village with its success in protecting its green nature and environment around Istanbul. As you pass through the roads surrounded with pine trees and green lands, you’ll suddenly feel like your soul is purified from the crowd, noise and chaos of the city.

Polonezkoy and its Nature Park is one of the rare places that remain green in Istanbul, and the village provides a very ideal environment for nature lovers with its clean air, nature that contains all shades of green.

Polonezkoy is very ideal for nature lovers. You can do a great outdoor sports activity in nature by hiking or nature walking along the pretty roads and the pathways of the village, and along the 5-kilometer walking track.

When you want to take a break, you can have a rest, eat and drink in the pretty cafes and restaurants that offer delicious and different alternatives, have a picnic, barbecue in the gardens, or reward yourself with cakes, donuts and desserts specific to the village during at the tea time.